A child who had been signed up is not eligible because the applicant prisoner is not the parent, but a family friend, grandparent, uncle, etc. What should we do?

As you communicate with the caregiver, you can gently explain that Angel Tree Christmas is intended to minister to children who are 18 years of age or younger and whose parent or step-parent is incarcerated (unless they were recently released from the local or county jail system).  In order to effectively reach all the children in that age group whose parent meets the criteria described above, the ministry must be limited to these guidelines.  However, your church may choose to serve non-Angel Tree children as you feel led but these gifts should be given on behalf of the church and not the prisoner parent. 

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    Jennifer Toms

    Just encountered this but not until after we had got most of information on three children did the grandmother say the inmate was not the father, but an uncle... the children's mother, his sister, lives with the grandmother.  He had put on the application he was their father.

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