How do I register my child for your Angel Tree Christmas Program?

Angel Tree is a program designed to serve children and families of the incarcerated, and our process starts with the incarcerated parent or incarcerated principal parental figure. The applications are distributed to the prison chaplains in June and the prisoner parent(al figure) must request an application from the chaplain. The prisoner parent(al figure) completes the application and returns it to the chaplain so that the chaplain can provide them to Prison Fellowship by the postmarked deadline of October 1, 2023.

The prisoner parent or parental figure must be legally allowed to contact the child(ren).

Check with your incarcerated loved one during the summer months to learn if Angel Tree is offered in their facility. Registration is through the chaplain and the prisoner must submit the application to the chaplain by the deadline. If the facility does not have Angel Tree, you can email and request we mail an application to your loved one. You will need to include the prisoner's name. DOC#, and complete mailing address.

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