I am a Coordinator and I forgot my password/can't log in

When you need to change or forgot password follow these steps:


1. Go to 


2. Put in your email address  ​


3. Then click “Forgot/Change Password”  


4. Then click “Send Verification Code”  ​


5. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW Now go to your email account and get the verification code BUT DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW​.


6. Now put in your Verfication Code from the email and create your new password.  Make sure your new password has 12 – 20 characters, and includes a digit, a capital letter, and a special character (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*, or +)


7. Now it should tell you that your password change was successful and you can go back to the

login screen and login with your new password.


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