How do I take more children to serve for my Angel Tree Christmas Program?

Through the Angel Tree App, you can see where unmatched families are located, select any children that you want to serve this Christmas, and they will be added for you to include in your ministry!


To add additional families, just follow these steps:


1. Log into the Angel Tree app at

2. Click on the Contact Tab  

3. Click on the "Request More Kids..." button within the dashboard.

or ​

4. You will need to login again using your same username and password as for the Angel Tree app


5. Use the available filters to locate families within your preferred mile radius, state(s), or counties.


6. Apply filters

7. Select the number of additional families/children your church can serve

8. Click "Add Families"

9. Confirm you wish to add families by selecting "Add Families" one more time.

Your church can elect to serve additional families in person or by mail. Even if there are Angel Tree children to serve in your community, please consider reaching more families by delivering gifts through the mail. You can learn more about serving by mail here.


You should receive your children very quickly. To see the list of children you've taken, you will need to refresh your App.

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