What should we do if we cannot reach the family? We have wrong addresses/can't reach by phone.

If a phone number is not accurate, you can find letter samples you can use to contact the family located on our website  under the Angel Tree forms section. If the family has moved, hopefully the letter will be forwarded to them by the USPS; or returned to you with a forwarding address. Angel Tree receives information on the family directly from the incarcerated parent. Sadly, some families move often, or the parent does not have a current address for the family. It is understandable that some of the time you will not be able to reach the children with the address given. Your church has been given all the information that we have been given. When you send in your church reporting form, please list the children that you are unable to reach on the Children Not Served form also available on our website located in the Angel Tree Forms section at  We will add that information to our database.

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